電話 Phone 0136-22-2281           

(電話にて予約,空室確認は宿泊日の直前に限りま す not for booking)

  since 1987

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 3室 12人

チベット 4人部屋
カザフ  4人部屋
アンデス 4人部屋








Information, including access to Niseko, etc., should see the website of the Niseko Promotion Board.

Niseko Yubokumin is a family owned Japanese hostel (backpackers)only 6 minutes walk to the ski lifts at Niseko Hirafu.

Yubokumin means Nomad in Japanese.

It's got Dormitory room. 

We respect environment and try to run.


Yubokumin in a green way by conserving energy and recycling etc it's our little way of giving our children a bright future.


Yubokumin is owned and operated by Kuni and his wife Michiko and 2 sons Yu and Sora. They are all very keen skiers very well traveled and  English can be spoken a little.


And like to welcome Foreigner and Japanese alike. Kuni also sometime snow boards and is a very keen motor bike rider.


Yubokumin is 12 people housed in 3 bedrooms.


                room Tibet      4 

                room Kazakh  4

                room Andes  4


Each room has bunk bed and Futons(Japanese bed) .   


Rooms don't have and  TV and chair.    

We make only for sleep.


A bath and toilet is shared.  

Please bring a toothbrush, the towel, etc

We can accommodate male and females in separate rooms. .                     



It is whole building no smoking.










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